1. How to order online at Holland Alarm?
2. How long will it take before my order is shipped?
3. Can I pick up my order?
4. How can I pay?
5. What are the costs?
6. How long is the warranty?
7. Questions / complaints?
8. Privacy

How to buy online at Holland Alarm?
Order online at www.hollandalarm.nl 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ordering is a piece of cake. Follow simple steps:

1. You surf the web store www.hollandalarm.nl. When you step on a product with your cursor appears a button "Add to cart" just below the product name. If you click on, the product is automatically added to your cart. You can also click on the product if you first need more information. You will now be redirected to the product page.
2. To order the item, select the correct number, and then click the "Add to cart" button.
3. The item is now placed in the cart. You see the selection right. You can click on it and you will see a list of items that are placed in your shopping cart. Do you have a discount code, you can enter in the field where "Coupon Code" state. You can then press "Apply Coupon" button, then your rebate is granted automatically. You can now choose "Continue to Checkout". In the shopping cart you can also remove or modify the number of display items. Do you wish to continue shopping, press the "Store" tab at the top of a page and you can continue shopping.
4. Continue shopping via the "Shop" tab: You return to the shop and can add more items to the above way to add to your shopping cart. You can go to the shopping cart at any time to view the items and change.
5. Check: Are you done shopping? Then click on the button "Proceed to Checkout" in the shopping cart.
6. In order to process your order you must enter your data. You do not have to log in. In this screen you can specify any code. In addition, you make your choice for shipping and select a payment option. You can also send any comments on this screen.
7. It is possible your order to an address other than to provide your billing address. 
8. Knocking all the details? Then click "Place Order".
9. If the payment is processed, your order will be saved and you will see an order confirmation. This confirmation will also be sent to you by email. Your order has been placed.

How long will it take before my order is shipped?
Alarm Holland delivers on all days except Sundays and national holidays.
We strive to ship your goods within 3 business days after receiving your payment (except Sundays and holidays). If the delivery is not achieved, it will at any time by e-mail should be communicated at your specified email address. In consultation, we will refund or agree a new delivery date of your invoice. All the items we offer on our website, we have basically stock.

All shipments are handled by Post NL. Orders will be sent as a package to 500 euros. Orders from EUR 500 are sent by registered mail. Also COD shipments are handled by Post NL.

Can I pick up my order?
Yes, you can pick up your order at our office. You need to make this an appointment.

The collection address Holland Alarm:

Staalstraat 22
1951 JP Velsen-Noord

How can I pay?
You pay securely and easily via our payment partner Ice Pay (iDeal, Direct E-Banking and BanContact Mister Cash), Paypal, cash on delivery or by direct bank transfer. Mentions you in a direct bank transfer always your invoice number (this is on the order confirmation you will receive by email). Once your payment is received, we will treat your order.

What are the shipping costs?
The shipping in the Netherlands with us forever € 8.00 regardless of the quantity or weight.
Shipping outside the Netherlands and within Europe are € 20.00. Please contact info@hollandalarm.nl for all other countries.
If incorrect or incomplete (shipping) addresses a package can not be delivered, we will do charge of the delivery. Check your shipping address so good! Even if you let deliver a package on delivery and not accept, we will delivery including Vice COD file charges.

How long is the warranty?
All items displayed on the Holland Alarm website are guaranteed for one year. Each article of Holland Alarm meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. In the unlikely event during normal use will show defects, it will be repaired free of charge by Holland alarm. This may be any replacement or repair: the discretion of Holland alarm and the manufacturer. The warranty covers manufacturing and / or material defects. Obviously, normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty. Shipping to Holland Alarms are ready for your account.

Warranty conditions:
- When an unfounded complaint are the costs borne by the customer;
- If a complaint is justified, definitely Holland Alarm or the item will be repaired (in part) or (partially) replace or (partially) is credited;
- An article that is returned for warranty assessment must be undamaged.
- No claim can be made on the warranty:
• damage by intent or through negligence;
• Improper use or improper maintenance;
• normal wear and tear;
• damage from failure or improper observance of the instructions;
• harm intended by nature, human or animal.

Warranty outside the Netherlands
Items eligible for warranty but are in use abroad can be returned on request. Both the costs for sending to Holland alarm if the return shipment to the customer, however, be borne by the owner of the article.

For more information, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Questions / complaints ?
It is annoying if you have a complaint about the service as you experience them. Nevertheless, we kindly ask you to pass on your complaint via e-mail to the department of customer contact. This can be by email, regular mail and / or telephone.

Our customer contact employees of the department will review the complaint and attempt to everyone's satisfaction to resolve the complaint.

Our data:

Phone: 075 260 00 02, Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 21:00.
Email: info@hollandalarm.nl
Post: Holland Alarm, Valkhofpark 14, 1567 HK, Assendelft

After receiving your complaint, you will receive a confirmation. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt, may need more time, then we will inform them.

If you do not appreciate this, you can always take contact with the Department of mediation Webshop Hallmark where Holland alarm belongs to. Should the mediation for any reason not lead to a satisfactory solution, it is possible to submit your dispute to the Disputes Committee (SGC).

Holland Alarm uses your information for any other purpose other than for the exercise of affairs www.hollandalarm.nl. Data is not passed on or sold to third parties! Your privacy is maintained at all times.